Our features & service


We utilize the Intel Core i7-7700k and AMD Ryzen for ALL our servers. These CPU's have some of the best single core performance. This also means that it can handle the most load on a single core, which is especially useful in source games, since these games can only run on 1 core (apart from networking).
This means that the CPU is also useful for plenty of other servers, as a single core can handle quite some load, you won't have to use loads of cores for your server... like you would with a Xeon, as these CPU's have more cores but less performance per core


All our servers come with NVMe M.2 storage. This storage has, with speeds of 3.5GB/s, about 6x the speed of a regular SATA SSD. Thanks to this your server won't be affected too much by other servers using their storage at the same time. Your server will be able to load files/data faster than with a regular SSD.

(D)DOS Protection

Our servers are protected by a strong DDOS shield. This shield is equiped with a firewall designed for games, which will block attacks for specific games. Thanks to this shield your server should remain responsive during an attack, as the shield will filter out most of the traffic from the attack. If our servers experience frequent attacks during some days we will manually enter permanent mitigation mode so the server have an even bigger chance to remain responsive.

Weekly Off-site backups

Once every week backups of our servers are made and uploaded to an off-site backup storage. If anything would happen to our node (data loss, natural events...) we will have a backup at another location to restore our servers with.
These backups will deleted after 4 weeks, meaning if your server gets suspended your backed up data will be gone after those 4 weeks.

Experienced support

Our team used to run their own community which lasted for over 5 years, the community ran various games but mainly Garry's Mod. During these years our team has learned a lot about game servers and running them.
Thanks to this we can provide you with personal support. Because we know how annoying it can be if you really can't find out an issue or just need help in general with anything regarding the game server (addons, plugins, issues...), we will happily help you in your process of creating, running and managing your game server.

So don't hesitate to contact us (preferably using Discord).


We as a team are pretty flexible compared to others, we don't apply strict guidelines in our team or our host. If you're in need of something we do our best to help you. For example, need an extra port for your dynmap on minecraft? We will happily provide you an extra port free of charge.

Game panel

Modern look

The panel has a modern & sleek look, but at the same time it's very user friendly.

dark theme of the panel

Mod Manager

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The easy to use mod manager lets you install/uninstall addons/mods with one click.

Easy Database Manager

With the easy to use database manager, you can create or remove databases in just a few seconds. The manager will assign randomly chosen credentials for your security!

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Account API

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Account API lets you manage/control your servers to your own will. Wherever and whenever you want!

Fast file manager

Our panel has a fast file manager, it allows you to navigate through your files quickly and if necessary edit them right away!

It also allows you to upload/compress/decompress/... files

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Server action logs

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Server action logs keeps logs of what your (sub)users do on your server.