Terms of Service

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At any point in this article the words “Us, We, Our, ourselves, company, the company, we, Tranquility Networks, tranquility-network.com, tn-host.com” are related to Tranquility Networks.

Also at any point in this article the words “You, the customer, customer, customers, the persons” refers to you as the client.


Refunds will not be given under any circumstances after the 48 Hour money back guarantee.
The 48 hour money back guarantee is valid under the following circumstances, and you can claim a refund;
* If the service goes down for a prolonged period of time.
* The Game panel (gp.tn-host.com) cannot be accessed.

48 hour money back guarantee is not valid if (but not limited to):

* A DDoS/DoS attack.
* Short scheduled maintenance. You can look up network status here
* Game services are known to be liable to crashes. Crashes caused by you or content you have added to the server is not a valid refund reason.
-We take no responsibility of the game servers content.

After the 48 hour period, you cannot claim for a refund.

Once a refund has been given, the service will be terminated and any data on the service cannot be restored.


You can view PayPal's ToS here


Prohibited Actions:

Users of this website or related to the company are prohibited from engaging in the following actions, including those prohibited by other provisions of these terms and conditions.

Data loss and prevention:

We do not take responsibility for data loss in any form or cause, including drive malfunctions, corrupt backups, crashes, bad modifications.
It is your responsibility to make sure to make a backup of the files you want to keep safe.

Account Termination:

Server/Service Customisation:

Terms of Service Changes

We reserve the right to change our terms of service and privacy policy at any time without notifying our clients. It is the clients responsibility to regularly check for changes.

Incomplete/Pending Order Deletion

At any time, we can delete incomplete/pending orders which have not been paid.

Last Updated: 22/04/2019